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Did you know that the Australian Institute of Tourism Officers Ltd. (AITO) provides its members with details of salary levels earned by Tourism Managers across Australia? This enables our members to compare what they are getting with industry standards. It also provides them with professional advice when seeking a salary increase. This is communicated through our weekly ‘Jobs on the Go’ e-newsletter to all members.

Did you know that the AITO provides its members with sample position descriptions, performance agreements and employment contracts? This puts them in a position of strength when negotiating employment contracts or undergoing a performance review.

Did you know the AITO runs a residential training course each year for the benefit of its members and others in the Tourism Industry? Previous topics covered include Business Planning, Operational Planning, Goal Setting, Evaluations, The Internet, Funding Submissions, Legal Knowledge for Business Management and Stress Management.

The AITO is a group of people across Australia who have banded together to form a professional organisation for the benefit of its members.

The organisation of the Institute is handled by members of the executive.

Additional benefits are that the AITO acts in an advisory capacity to various governments and so can “foster” the recognition of professional Tourism Managers across Australia. Also the members form a network of colleagues that you can call on for advice and experience.

I would like to invite you to be a member of the Australian Institute of Tourism Officers.

Its membership fees are not high and are fully tax deductible.

Membership fees are

Joining fee$25.00 plus GST $2.50$27.50
Plus one of
Member$80.00 pa plus GST $8.00$88.00
Associate$60.00 pa plus GST $6.00$66.00
Student$25.00 pa plus GST $2.50$27.50